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Emerald Cushions - 300g/500g Fillings of Pillow

  • Material & Size: 40’s 200TC 100% cotton / 180 TC Polyester blends,16”x16”/20”x20”.
  • Our Cushions come in a variety of shapes, such as square, round or rectangular.

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  • Material:40’s 200TC 100% cotton / 180 TC Polyester blends
  • Sizes: 16”x16”/20”x20” (standard size)
  • Filling: Soft Fiber (3D) & Micro Fiber

Cover Material

40’s 200TC 100% cotton / 180 TC Polyester blends


Soft Fiber (3D) & Micro Fiber

Standard Sizes

16”x16”/20”x20”/ any Other size or filling on demand

Standard Fillings of Pillow

300g / 500g

  • Address: Door No. 22/217/D, First Floor, Gokulam, Pravachambalam, Thiruvananthapuram - 695020, Kerala, INDIA
  • Contact Seller:+91 99959 11211

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